Visual Studio Live! Orlando 2010

Update: Slides and source for my sessions are posted over on my Events page.  Have a look!  Thanks to everyone that came to my sessions!  Comments and critiques are welcome.

imageI have been selected to speak at the Visual Studio Live! conference in Orlando.  In addition to presenting two sessions at the conference, I’m also coordinating a special event on Tuesday night which we’re calling Devopalozza.  I have created and will host a team Jeopardy! style game-show which will pit three teams of speakers and attendees against each other for fabulous prizes.  I previously created the hardware and software for the Visual Studio Live Redmond conference, which turned into an article on Coding4Fun for those that might want to create a game-show at home or the office.

The two sessions I’m presenting are:

M15 What's New in Visual Studio 2010 Debugging
Date: Monday, November 15, 2010 
Time:  3:00 PM – 4:15 PM
Level: Intermediate

Visual …

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TweeVo v1.1 Released!

A new version of TweeVo is finally available.  This version allows the program to work once again now that Twitter has switched over to a mandatory OAuth/xAuth authentication scheme.  Chris Miller deserves all the credit for this one for handling the implementation of the new security scheme with some sample code from Shannon Whitley.  You can find downloads over on the original TweeVo page.  Give it a try and let me know if you run into any issues making it go.  Enjoy!

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ThinkGearNET 1.1

imageI released version 1.1 of ThinkGearNET over at CodePlex last week.  ThinkGearNET is a library that allows developers to easily use the Neurosky MindSet device with .NET.  This version now matches Neurosky’s latest SDK and supports eye blink detection.  Nothing else has changed.  If anyone has used a prior version of the library, please give the new version a try and let me know if you have any problems.  Thanks!

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VSLive Devapalooza and Jeopardy on Coding4Fun

imageTonight I hosted the Devapalooza event for Visual Studio Live in Redmond.  For the event, we played a Jeopardy-like game using software and hardware I created.  You can find an article on how the software was created, how to build the hardware, and full source/binary downloads over at Coding4Fun and CodePlex  This can be a fun way to host training at your office, or a way to liven up a user group.

A huge thanks to Dan Waters and Clemens Vasters from Microsoft, VSLive speakers Rocky Lhotka, Deborah Kurata, and David Platt, and our three attendees who played the game.  I think it was a great time.  Hopefully you did too if you were in attendance.

After playing the game tonight for real, I have a few ways to fix up the software and make it a bit easier to use, especially on the scoring side.  Also note that the code isn’t the best example of great coding.  With this being a side project and the deadline looming, I took a few dirty shortcuts.  But, …

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Visual Studio Live! 2010 Redmond – Slides + Source

Thanks to all who attended my first session today, and a thank you in advance to those attending Thursday’s session on multi-touch.  I’m going to post my slide deck for the What’s New in VS2010 Debugging session now and I will update this post on Thursday/Friday with the source and slides for the multi-touch session.  Feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions, good or bad.


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