email2face is live

ASPSOFT has developed a new website that allows matching an email address to a picture, allowing one to electronically “puttting a face with a name”.  Check it out at and add yourself to the repository, or search for a colleague.

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MIX 06 - Part 2

And MIX 06 is officially wrapped up.  Overall, I found today to not be much better than yesterday.  There were fewer sessions today, and they seemed to be even less technical than the ones from Monday and Tuesday.

Not the worst conference in the universe, but certainly nowhere near the best.  Maybe I’m just not the right audience for this.  Or maybe I’m just being overly critical.

I’m curious what others thought of the conference and if MS will do it again next year.  

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MIX 06

Am I the only one unimpressed with this conference so far?  It all seems really fluffy and glossy with no real deep content.  The keynotes are all Microsoft propoganda, and every session I’ve been to about Atlas/AJAX has presented me the same things over and over again.  How many times do I need to see how to add an UpdatePanel and an UpdateProgress control to an ASP.NET page?

All of the WPF sessions have been pretty lame, too.  Great, we’ve got the layout panels, we can zoom graphics, write XAML, etc.  Show us how we can use it to achieve a real-world objective.  Not that I’m fully convinced WPF has a real-world function as of yet.  It’s pretty, but where do I use that in my patient tracking healthcare application or accounting-type app?  Or perhaps I’m just not the target audience for that.

On the upside, one session today was really informative, and that was one on AJAX.  Lots of good content there, especially …

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