PlayMania Part 2

Since a couple people asked, here's a video of my four "appearances" on PlayMania on GSN.  I win on my fourth attempt.  Yay.

Update:  And since Mark asked, the correct answers to the ones I missed were:

Beatles Song - Get Back
Item Littering the Ocean - Cup Lids
Mariah Carey Hit - Vision of Love

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Random Tidbits #2

Edge Magazine - It’s sad that the only good gaming magazine left on the planet is published in the UK.  It seems with the currency exchange rate, it’s actually cheaper for me to buy a year’s worth of issues at Borders than it is to subscribe and have it delivered via mail.  Regardless, worth the $8 every month in my opinion.  Reminds me of the old Next Generation mag, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since they were affiliated back in the day.

PS3 - I’ll echo everyone else’s sentiments:  $599?  Suck it.  I’d like to think they won’t sell many and it will fail, but that probably won’t happen.

Wii - I personally can’t wait to try it out.  I fear the novelty will wear off quickly, but I’m a sucker for a crazy controller, as my closet filled with Guitar Heroes, Guitar Freaks, Samba De Amigo, and a host of other controllers proves.

Windows Vista 5381 - Even better than the last.  But please, fix the User Access Control …

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Random tidbits....

Rather than create several hundred blog entries, here’s a compendium of what has been on my mind the past few days….

  • Tomb Raider: Legend - I finished playing all the way through this on the 360 a few minutes ago.  I enjoyed the story, but man, am I the only one that thinks this game has some serious control and camera issues?  I spent just as much time fighting with the grapple and the camera as I did the enemies and puzzles...
  • Windows Vista 5365 - It's finally starting to suck less.  It's moving quicker, the interface is falling together, and it's just finally becoming useable.  However, 750MB of RAM used on startup with Aero Glass and no user apps running?  Please tell me that's bloated because of debug code...It happily dual-boots with XP and runs nicely in both Virtual PC and VMWare for testing, which is nice.
  • - I joined GameFly for no reason about a month ago.  I cancelled before the trial ended.  8-9 days to turn a …

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Grand Canyon Video

I forgot I had taken 3 short videos with my trusty digital camera (a Casio EX-S600 in case you care) while on vacation.  I combined them into a single, streaming clip which you can see here.


Or don’t.

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