Migrating BlogEngine.NET Comments to Disqus and Ghost

By default, Ghost does not have a commenting system of its own. When migrating my blog from BlogEngine.NET, I wanted to carry over old comments and maintain the commenting feature. Disqus to the rescue!

Migrating Old Comments

First, you'll need to create an account at Disqus and select the "I want to install Disqus on my site" option. From here, you'll walk through a wizard where you'll give the website name, URL and other bits of information. Sign up with the Basic (free!) option.

Next, you'll need to use that BlogML.xml file you created in the previous post and run it through a utility to convert it into a format that can be imported into Disqus.

Head over to GitHub to

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Migrating BlogEngine.NET to Ghost

As mentioned previously, I recently migrated my blog to Ghost from BlogEngine.NET. I'll be writing a few posts discussing what I went through in the migration process.

Installing Ghost on Azure

I run my life on Azure. Previously, my BlogEngine instance was running as an App Service, so getting Ghost running on Azure was important to me. Luckily, Felix Rieseberg has already done all of the hard work for this step.

Head over to Felix's Ghost-Azure repo on GitHub and click the big blue Deploy to Azure button. The deployment scrip will run, and you'll be asked to log into your Azure account and fill out a form with your new site's information (subscription, resource group, site name, etc.). When you complete this step,

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New Blog - Ghost

I don't blog very regularly, it seems, so in an effort to get back on the bandwagon, I decided to migrate my blog from BlogEngine.NET to Ghost, since that's what much of the world has moved to. If you are seeing this post, apparently I was successful.

While getting Ghost itself deployed and running on Azure was super simple, migrating my old posts, comments, images, links, and other data to the Ghost platform was a pretty involved process. I learned a ton, which I'll be writing about here in future posts.

For those that follow this blog for my GameDev Newsletter posts, I have moved those to the GameDev News link above instead of spamming the regular feed. I absolutely plan on continuing the

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Dreamcast GameDev with KOS and Bash on Windows

Many years ago, an open-source Sega Dreamcast SDK known as KallistiOS (KOS) was created and is still being developed today. I used this SDK long ago to create a few emulators that were published, and a variety of unfinished games that were not...

KOS is easy to get up and running on a variety of platforms, but on Windows this always required setting up Cygwin. But, with the addition of the Linux Subsystem for Windows (LXSS) in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, one can now run Ubuntu and the Bash shell natively in Windows 10, and that means one can easily setup KOS, the SH4 toolchain and (almost) everything else required to develop and deploy apps to a Sega Dreamcast. Here's how…


  • A Sega Dreamcast
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Game Developers: Get the Most Out of Windows 10

I had the opportunity to co-present a session at Build 2015 focusing on building games for Windows 10. Jaime Rodriguez and I spent an hour talking about the new Windows 10 features related to gaming, including Xbox Live, ID@Xbox, the new GamePad API, windowing, and the various middlewares and engines like MonoGame and Marmalade that are supporting Windows 10 at present. If you care about games and are excited about Windows 10, have a look!

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