Multi-touch Madness Slides and Code


Thanks to everyone who attended my TVUG session last night!  I have uploaded the slides and code for this session which can be downloaded here.  Note that you’ll need Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 for most of the samples, and you will need to have the Surface Workstation SDK SP1 installed if you wish to run that sample.

Comments and questions are welcome, as always.  Thanks!

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Multi-touch Madness at Tech Valley .NET Users Group

image For my fellow Capital District folks, I’ll be giving a session to the Tech Valley .NET Users Group (TVUG) this Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 6:30pm all about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about multi-touch in Windows 7 and beyond!  Here are the details….

Multi-touch Madness!

Where: Versa Trans Solution, Latham, NY
When: Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 6:30-9PM
Who: Brian Peek, Microsoft MVP - C#

Overview: Multi-touch technology is popping up everywhere, most recently in Windows 7 and various .NET technologies.  Windows 7 has been designed from the ground-up with multi-touch in mind, and the newest versions of WPF and Silverlight are multi-touch capable as well.  In this session I will take you through the 4 biggest areas of Microsoft multi-touch technology: Windows 7, WPF4, Silverlight, and Surface.  You will learn how to make your applications multi-touch aware and capable using each of these platforms, and learn where multi-touch is heading in the …

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Install the Surface SDK SP1 Workstation Edition on x64


Update 11/20/09: The Surface SDK is now available to everyone at the new Surface website!  The instructions below should continue to work just fine…let me know if they don’t.

Update 10/29/09: It appears that the version of the SDK available from the Microsoft Partner site comes as a straight .exe file.  To extract this back into the MSI file to follow the instructions below, execute the following command:

"Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 SP1, Workstation Edition.exe" /extract c:\surface

This should spit out a MSI file to the c:\surface directory and you can continue on with the instructions below.  Thanks to Tim Hurst for the info!

The Surface SDK SP1 Workstation Edition was released this week and while it will install (but is still unsupported) on Windows 7, it will not install on a 64-bit machine.  The installer has changed a bit, so my previous instructions will not work with this installer, but I have managed to get the new package to install …

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Install the Surface SDK on Windows 7 and/or x64


Update: Running Surface SDK SP1?  See my other post on how to install it on a 64-bit machine...

The Microsoft Surface SDK was given out to some folks at PDC 2008.  I know the SDK is not out to the masses yet, however one of the questions/requests posted most frequently in the Surface forums is the ability to install the SDK on a 64-bit machine, and/or on Windows 7.  I’ve put together a quick guide that will show how to accomplish this.  But be warned…by doing this you are throwing away support from Microsoft.  This is an entirely unsupported setup and the Microsoft Surface folks won’t be able to help you.  So, if official support is important to you, this guide isn’t for you.  With that said, let’s continue…

Please note that you will still need to have Visual Studio 2008 Express or greater installed, and you will need to have the XNA 2.0 Framework runtime installed.

To perform the actions in this guide you will …

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