Maker Faire 2007

I will be attending this year's Maker Faire with the Coding4Fun gang.  We will have a variety of spiffy projects to play around with, including two I have done:  several "Wiimote-controlled" cars using my Managed Wiimote Library and Microsoft Robotics Studio, and a game written with my Ganksoft Entertainment cronies using Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express.  So if you're in the San Mateo area, stop by May 19th and 20th and have a gander.  At only $15 for admission, there's plenty to see and do...

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Mix 07

Anyone heading out to Mix this year?  I'll be there once again, but this time I'll be (partly) working the Coding4Fun booth.  We should have a few interesting toys to entertain the masses between sessions.  Stop by and throw a Wiimote at my head or something.

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I have decided to try a grand experiment.  I have turned on anonymous posting in the forums on this site.  It seems many aren't wild about creating an account to post for some reason, so let's see how this turns out.  SPAM filters and flood checks are enabled, so hopefully that will keep the bad people out.  If it turns into a "free cell phone" and "cheap v1agra" flood-fest, I'll turn it back off very quickly.

Anyway, feel free to try it out.  it's a much easier way to have an interactive discussion instead of blog my opinion at least.

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NYC .NET Developer's Group Event

I will be presenting Interfacing External Hardware Using Managed Code and Microsoft Robotics Studio on Thursday, April 19th at the NYC .NET Developer's Group monthly meeting, which begins at 6pm.  I'll be showing off some cool toys from the Phidgets people (an RFID reader, interface kits, sensors, etc.), how to control hobby servos and motors via a PC, and wrapping up with an introductory look at Microsoft Robotics Studio.

Come out and heckle!

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