Now Running Community Server 2007.1

After a moderate amount of pain, I have finally updated the site to Community Server 2007.1.  I think everything is working.  I'm likely wrong.  Therefore if anyone sees anything that is not working, broken layouts, broken links, etc. PLEASE contact me and let me know so that I may correct it.

One noteworthy item:  The new official URL for the blog is .  The main site will 301 redirect you here.  The old /blogs address should also 301 you here as well.  If you're seeing any weirdness there, again, please contact me.


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Possessed PC Pranks for Halloween

It's time for more Halloween article fun at Coding4Fun.  This year I developed two applications based on movies to scare your friends.  One displays the "cursed video" from The Ring at 50% transparency against the victim's display, while the other possesses Notepad to type "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over again as in The Shining.

Source and executables are provided.  Prank you friends and co-workers again this year!

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Coding4Fun Article Ideas

If you visit my site, you're likely here because of an article I wrote on Microsoft's Coding4Fun site.  Or perhaps someone doesn't like you and punished you with a link to my blog.  Assuming the former, I am continuing to write articles on topics that are fun and/or interesting for me, but I wonder what the readers find fun and/or interesting.  So, with that in mind, do you have ideas for a future article?

If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear about them!  Please feel free to leave ideas as a comment on this article, a post in this general forum thread (easier for discussion), or contact me directly.  Coding4Fun is a Microsoft site that is geared toward development in .NET using the free Visual Studio Express products, so please keep that in mind when offering suggestions.

I look forward to hearing what you readers would like to learn about.


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Wiimote Library Update

Finally!  I have updated my Wiimote library with quite a few bug fixes and a few new features.  Here are the important links:

Starting with this version (v1.2), the library is licensed under the Ms-PL.  This will likely change nothing for 99% of you, but be sure to read through the license before redistributing your applications compiled against this new version.

The new version also includes a CHM help file for the entire API.  For now, the C4F article will remain the source for the basics, and the CHM will remain up-to-date with each release of the API itself.  Hopefully that will be able to provide some more detailed information than the base article, though the API itself isn't very complex.

And finally, here's a list of things that changed since v1.1 .  Note that this list may not be 100% complete as I was a bit lax in keeping my changes noted.

  • Moved to CodePlex! ( …
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