WiimoteLib v1.4 Released

In an effort to put out more frequent builds with fewer changes, I’ve released WiimoteLib v1.4 to CodePlex.  This release contains the single most requested feature:  multiple Wiimote support.  I’m very interested to hear bug reports and suggestions on this release, so please do let me know how it works for you.  The original Coding4Fun article has also been updated with some details on how to use multiple Wiimotes, as has the WiimoteTest application included with the distribution.


  • Multiple Wiimotes supported!
  • Slight change to ExtensionType enum for better extension detection
  • Decided I didn’t like the dependency on System.Drawing for the 2D point so am now using my own Point structs.  Sorry…
  • WiimoteTest app updated to show multiple Wiimotes working