WiimoteLib v1.3 Released

Time for another WiimoteLib release!  You'll find the new version in the usual place at CodePlex.  What's new you ask?  Why, check out this list:

  • All projects updated to Visual Studio 2008 format
  • SetReportType contains an overload taking a new IRSensitivity parameter which will set the IR camera sensitivity when using an IR report type
  • Created new WiimoteException type which is now thrown by the library
  • Moved InputReport enum to namespace level
  • Events now using the generic EventHandler class instead of custom delegates
  • Refactored the state structures to use Point/PointF and my own Point3/Point3F
  • Refactored IR sensors to be an array
  • Added support for the Guitar Hero controller (tested by Matthias Shapiro, Evan Jacovier)
  • Test app will run without Wiimote connected (Andrea Leganza)
  • ReadData now returns the proper amount of data for requests of more than 16 bytes (reported by David Hawley)
  • Test application updated with above changes
  • Lots of breaking changes, but the survey on my site said most didn't care about backwards compatibility...  :)

Bug reports and comments welcome.  Give it a try...