VSLive! New York

I have been selected to present two sessions at VSLive! New York this September.  Here are the abstracts:

Title: Creating a Simple 2D Game Using XNA Game Studio to Run on a PC, Xbox 360 or Microsoft Zune

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 10th at 3:15pm

Description: This session will demonstrate how to build a very simple 2D game engine and game using the latest version of XNA Game Studio. Attendees will learn how to effectively use the content pipeline, import 2D sprites into XNA, manage input from the keyboard, mouse, Xbox 360 controller and Zune, manage game state, and debug the resulting game. The sample code will be built on a PC and run on the PC, Xbox 360, and Zune platforms when complete.

Title: Interfacing External Hardware Using Managed Code

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 10th at 4:45pm

Description: While developers write code to build software every day, not often are they exposed to code that drives and interfaces hardware. This session will attempt to bridge that gap and show how .NET can be used to effectively interface several hardware devices, including an RFID reader and tags, Phidget control boards with a variety of sensors, and a servo controller. Finally, the Nintendo Wiimote will be introduced along with my .NET Wiimote Library, demonstrating how to connect to a USB or Bluetooth HID device and use it from .NET, with examples showing what the Wiimote itself is capable of.

mh_logo Check out the full agenda and see what piques your interest.  Also check out the video above with some information on what to expect from the conference.

It’s a couple months off, but registrations are in full swing.  Register by August 6th and save some dough!