Windows Mobile Devices and Power States

I’ve been doing some Windows Mobile development with the .NET Compact Framework recently and ran into a scenario where I needed the device to be in “full power” mode at all times with the back-light on.  The device is constantly powered, so battery life is not a concern.

The obvious choice is to go into the Brightness and Power control panels and turn off the appropriate settings, but I learned that there is a way to handle this at an application level so the behavior only occurs while the application is running.

Power State

An application can force a specific power state using the SetPowerRequirement method, and release that state using the ReleasePowerRequirement method.  Using P/Invoke, these methods look like the following:

   1: public enum CEDevicePowerState
   2: {
   3:     D0 = 0,    // Full On
   4:     D1,        // Low On
   5:     D2,        // Standby
   6:     D3,        // Sleep
   7:     D4,        // Off …
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