Dreamcast GameDev with KOS and WSL

Many years ago, an open-source Sega Dreamcast SDK known as KallistiOS (KOS) was created and is still being developed today. I used this SDK long ago to create a few emulators that were published, and a variety of unfinished games that were not…

KOS is easy to get up and running on a variety of platforms, but on Windows this always required setting up Cygwin. But, with the addition of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 10, one can now run Ubuntu and the Bash shell natively in Windows 10, and that means one can easily setup KOS, the SH4 toolchain and (almost) everything else required to develop and deploy apps to a Sega Dreamcast. Here’s how…


  • A Sega Dreamcast capable of booting MIL-CDs…this is any machine manufactured prior to October 2000.
  • A Dreamcast Broadband Adapter (HIT-0300 or HIT-0400 both work)
  • The Dreamcast plugged into your network via Ethernet
  • The Linux Subsystem for Windows installed and configured

Updating LXSS

Make …

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