The King

Update 2/13/07: After reading this post, check out and bookmark this page for a list of all videos to date!

Today, someone sent me a video of what is undoubtedly one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  If you are a regular reader, I'm sure you recall my Animated Christmas Lights article at Coding4Fun and accompanying video.  Today, I received a video of someone using my software and Phidget boards to animate something other than lights.  If you've ever been to a Chuck E. Cheese, you may recall one of the animated characters known as "The King" (photo from


I have been told that The King shown in the video below was broken and left for dead.  After being salvaged from a dumpster, he was carefully repaired and restored, and once again animated and set to music using my Light Sequencer application normally used for Christmas lights!  I distinctly remember The King at my local …

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The Vanishing Point

Well, the mystery is on its way to being revealed.  Head back over to to see the details.  As previously alluded to, the game is a series of puzzles that will earn you points toward a variety of prizes.  The grand prize now makes sense based on one of the previous clues:  something that less than 1000 people have ever seen, that being a trip to space!

So head over and register.  If you do, please enter my email address as your referring address which will earn me a few bonus points.  My address is <my first name> .  Thanks, and good luck!

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I'm a decoder!

I went to the mailbox today to find a mysterious silver/gray envelope with the return address of:

One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

Inside was a letter telling me I am now a decoder and to visit along with a USB flash drive.  Interesting.

After looking at the image, text file and video on the disc and then some googling, it's apparently some sort of viral campaign from Microsoft regarding.... ?  The Vista launch, perhaps?

The cipher key on my USB drive looks like this:

It's a map of the letters/numbers to ROT13 from an image found on various Microsoft sites, such as the Windows Vista blog:

That works out to imm0rtaliz3m3, which, if typed into the box on the main Vanishing Point site listed above takes you to a downloadable MP3 file.  Analyzing that in a spectrum analyzer shows that the "pattern" spells the word FILE.  Take that to and you get yet another message telling you to wait for the …

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