Wiimote Applications

I've received a couple emails in the past week of people using my Managed Wiimote Library to do some spiffy things.

Brent Rossen's project allows one to interact with a virtual patient and is described as:

This project was primarily created to allow the Wiimote to be used as a novel interface for a virtual environment. The goals were to create a Wiimote server, allow interaction with a virtual environment, and provide haptic as well as audio feedback. Six degrees of viewing freedom and stereo vision are provided via a Head Mounted Display and optical tracking system. Sound is provided through FMOD. Much of this project is built on top of code from the Virtual Patient Project.

Evan Merz has created a virtual drum kit available at his site along with a video showing its operation.

Great stuff, guys.  Anyone else using my library for a project?  I'd love to hear about it!