Acer 1420P Leaky Handle Driver Fix


acer 1420p

I wasn’t lucky enough to receive the Acer 1420P laptop given out at PDC this year since I was “staff”, however I wound up picking one up on eBay for a very reasonable price. I received it last week, added an additional 2GB of RAM, used my Windows Home Server to save off the original hard drive image, and then repaved the machine, installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64, drivers, and applications from scratch. Earlier this week I noticed the machine was consuming over 3GB of memory with only 1 or 2 applications open. Looking at Task Manager, the RAM usage by process looked normal, which didn’t match the total memory usage. After reading the Performance tab a bit more, I saw that the operating system had over 5 million handles open!

Back on the Processes tab, I turned on the Handles column and saw that a process named SDTabletPC.exe was consuming 5 million handles, and it was growing by 10 handles per second. Check it out for yourself.

SDTabletPC.exe …

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