Is RSS for me?

I finally jumped on the RSS bandwagon and tried out a few RSS readers last night, finally choosing Omea Pro from JetBrains.  I went through the gamut of standard Windows RSS aggregators and couldn’t find one that really fit my needs.  Omea has come closest and gives me a couple bonus features, like integrating with all facets of Oulook and file searching a la Google Desktop Search.  The interface gives me a single view of all of my feeds, all of my email, my Outlook taks, indexed files, and a variety of other things.

Yes, I know NewsGator has their Outlook plugin dealie, but in my opinion, it sucked, the biggest peeve being that it shared my folder list with Outlook.  I already have several trillion sub-folders in Outlook, and adding a bunch more for feeds was unsavory and required too much scrolling.

So, I now have all of my usual daily reads setup as feeds in Omea, notifications when new articles get posted, Outlook integrated so I can view my email right along with my feed goodness….but do I like it?  I don’t know yet.  I feel overwhelmed with information now  Before I’d hit a website, scroll until I found something interesting, and read.  Now, I really have to see each and every article posted on each feed (without setting up filters or searches, I guess).

It just seems there’s now far more information than I ever realized was there.  Is that good or bad?  Hmmm….