Gameshow Marathon

Is anybody else watchg the abortion known as Gameshow Marathon on CBS?  We’ve seen The Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal, Beat the Clock, and now Press Your Luck.  The sets and games are sorta' close to the originals.  But that’s not the problem.  The problem is the “contestants” are “celebrities”.  Who the hell wants to watch Kathy Najimy play Press Your Luck when she has no friggin' idea what the hell she’s doing or how to play the game?  Why couldn’t they have used real contestants playing for the prizes in the games?  And come on, Ricki Lake as host?  If they had hired a burlap sack filled with potatoes to host the games, it would have just as much personality.  And it would be far less noisy…all she does is SCREAM during every game she’s hosting.

Tonight was the Press Your Luck remake.  The beginning of each of these shows contains a short retrospective of the original game, which is the best part.  But no mention of Peter Tomarken’s recent death during the Press Your Luck segment?  Come on!

Bah.  I had high expectations for this series and I am nothing but disappointed.