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Posted March 8, 2010 10:06 AM Categories: .NET | Coding4Fun | Gaming | Hardware | Neurosky MindSet

mindset I have written and posted a new library that allows .NET developers to easily connect to and use the Neurosky MindSet headset from any .NET application.  You can find the source code and a binary of the library at CodePlex.  Usage is very simple and may seem familiar to those that have used my .NET Wiimote LIbrary; set a reference to the library and you can connect to a headset as follows:

private ThinkGearWrapper _thinkGearWrapper = new ThinkGearWrapper();
private void Connect()
    _thinkGearWrapper = new ThinkGearWrapper();
    // setup the event
    _thinkGearWrapper.ThinkGearChanged += _thinkGearWrapper_ThinkGearChanged;
    // connect to the device on the specified COM port at 57600 baud
    _thinkGearWrapper.Connect("COM4", 57600, true);
void _thinkGearWrapper_ThinkGearChanged(object sender, ThinkGearChangedEventArgs e)
    // write out one of the many properties
    Debug.WriteLine("Attention: " + e.ThinkGearState.Attention;

The download includes a test application with source code that shows how to use the library in any .NET application.  You can see a more advanced usage example by taking a look at my MindBlaster article or reading through its source code.


Questions welcome.  Enjoy!

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LEonardo Brazil
3/13/2012 6:06:25 PM #

Parece bem simples. Vou comprar o neurosky primeiro e depois eu instalo isto aí no Visual Studio.


Rob United States
2/14/2013 6:33:55 PM #

Does this API work with the mindwave too?


Carl France
3/9/2013 11:20:07 PM #


Same question as Rob: does it support the MindWave as well?



Nari United States
7/4/2013 12:31:32 AM #

MindWave uses 1 sensor, while MindSet uses 4 sensors, if I am not mistaken? Does it change the outcome significantly? Does the Neurosky's proprietary algorithm adequately distinguish "attention" vs. "meditation" state? I am having trouble to distinguish these 2 states from a very fundamental level. I am also looking for the basic .NET environment to experiment with the basic packet reading of brain signal changes. It does not seem to allow users to capture real-time signal, only to observe.

Any insights to share would be appreciated.



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