MJPEG Decoder v1.1

Posted May 7, 2011 9:25 PM Categories: C# | Coding4Fun | MJPEG | Silverlight | Windows Phone | WPF | XNA

A quick update to my Motion JPEG Decoder is now available at CodePlex.  Version 1.1 adds the ability to specify username/password credentials for cameras that require a login.  For example:

MjpegDecoder _mjpeg;

_mjpeg = new MjpegDecoder();
_mjpeg.FrameReady += mjpeg_FrameReady;

_mjpeg.ParseStream(new Uri(""), "user", "password");

As always, questions/comments welcome.  Enjoy!

MJPEG Decoder

Posted February 10, 2011 4:12 AM Categories: .NET | Coding4Fun | Hardware | MIX10 | Silverlight | Windows Phone | WPF | XNA

209653324My latest article and library is now live on the brand new Coding4Fun site, now on Channel 9, and over at CodePlex.  This project allows you to very easily decode a MJPEG (Motion JPEG) stream from a network camera (or any other source) into a consumable type for WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, XNA and Windows Phone 7 (both Silverlight and XNA).

The MJPEG Decoder library started life as a project for the t-shirt cannon built for the MIX10 keynote.  The original plan was to have an IP camera attached to the robot for a real-time video stream from the bot's perspective, but the feature wound up being cut for time, and due to some issues rendering the video on the very early Windows Phone 7 tools.  The library has been sitting around a while, has gone through several rewrites and now supports almost every platform I can think of.  With the new Coding4Fun up and running, it was time to polish it off and get it posted.

Take a look at the article, download the binaries and source, and let me know how it works!

Multi-touch Madness at Tech Valley .NET Users Group

Posted January 8, 2010 2:44 AM Categories: Events | TVUG | Surface | Windows 7 | Silverlight | WPF | Multitouch

image For my fellow Capital District folks, I’ll be giving a session to the Tech Valley .NET Users Group (TVUG) this Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 6:30pm all about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about multi-touch in Windows 7 and beyond!  Here are the details….

Multi-touch Madness!

Where: Versa Trans Solution, Latham, NY
When: Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 6:30-9PM
Who: Brian Peek, Microsoft MVP - C#

Overview: Multi-touch technology is popping up everywhere, most recently in Windows 7 and various .NET technologies.  Windows 7 has been designed from the ground-up with multi-touch in mind, and the newest versions of WPF and Silverlight are multi-touch capable as well.  In this session I will take you through the 4 biggest areas of Microsoft multi-touch technology: Windows 7, WPF4, Silverlight, and Surface.  You will learn how to make your applications multi-touch aware and capable using each of these platforms, and learn where multi-touch is heading in the future with regard to Microsoft development.

Slides and source will be posted to my site and/or the TVUG site after the session.

Hope to see you all there!

Tech Valley Code Camp 2009

Posted October 29, 2009 2:08 AM Categories: .NET | Events | Silverlight | Tech Valley Code Camp

Update 11/1/09: Session schedule is posted!  20 sessions to choose from.

tvcc_09The Tech Valley Code Camp is almost here!  This year’s camp will be taking place on Saturday, November 7th, 2009 at SUNY Albany from 9am-3pm and is absolutely, 100% free for everyone to attend.  So far we have 18 sessions scheduled for everything from LINQ to Silverlight to iPhone development to Ruby on Rails.  I encourage all of our local developers to attend this event, and furthermore, present something to the group!  This code camp is platform agnostic, so practically software development topic would be great to present.

I’ll be presenting two sessions on Silverlight which I recently presented at VSLive Orlando 2009:

Getting Started with Silverlight
Room: CC 367
Time: 1:00pm

Microsoft Silverlight allows developers and designers to build rich cross-browser and cross-platform applications for the Web using the same tools and technologies that are familiar to .NET developers.  This session will cover the basics of Silverlight, including basic XAML, the tools that can be used to create Silverlight applications, the controls available in the Silverlight framework, and pros and cons of Silverlight vs. other web technologies, all while building a few very simple applications demonstrating the power of the framework.

Silverlight Controls and Animations
Room: CC 367
Time: 2:30pm

The Microsoft Silverlight framework contains an assortment of pre-built controls that can be used directly by your applications.  Developers can also create their own custom controls to fit their requirements.  In addition, Silverlight can be used to create animations that are simple or extremely complex, from pulsing buttons to 3D movement.  This session will demonstrate how to use the most common and important controls, as well as how to create custom user controls, along with demonstrating how XAML, Visual Studio and Expression Blend can be used to create animations that will spice up any application.

It’s not too late!  Head on over to the site to register to attend, and think of a topic to present.  Looking forward to the event and seeing you all there!

VSLive! Orlando 2009 Sessions Posted

Posted October 6, 2009 10:56 PM Categories: .NET | Events | Silverlight | VSLive Orlando

vslive Thanks to everyone who came out to my two VSLive sessions today.  You can find the slide decks and full source code posted in my download section.  Please note that in order to save some bandwidth, I didn’t include the 125MB video file I used in my examples, but you can download that separately here.  Just unzip and copy to the Media and GPUAcceleration sample directories and build the project.

I welcome any and all questions, and especially comments/critiques.  As a speaker, I rarely, if ever, receive any formalized feedback from the session organizers, so I’d love to hear what those in attendance thought of my sessions.  Good or bad, please send it along!  Thanks!

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