Kinect for Windows SDK is here!

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Hooray!  I can finally talk about this!  As I've alluded to previously, I had a hand (one of many) in the managed portion of the SDK and what was originally shown at MIX. Since then the SDK has changed a bit but it's finally ready to go!

The Kinect for Windows SDK is now available for download on the Microsoft Research site.  We have also launched several samples over at Coding4Fun that you can begin using immediately:

Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkit

You definitely want to download this one when you get started.  This toolkit contains a variety of extension methods and controls to make using the Kinect for Windows SDK even easier to use.  Some of my code appears in this one.  Smile

Kinect Mouse Cursor

This sample is entirely mine.  Kinect Mouse Cursor is a demo application that uses the Kinect for Windows SDK and its skeletal tracking features to allow a user to use their hands to control the Windows mouse cursor.  Use your right hand to move the cursor, and raise your left hand to press the left mouse button.  Use the check box to switch hands…

Kinect Paint

Kinect Paint is a skeleton tracking application that allows you to become the paint brush!  IdentityMine built this for us.



Kinect for Windows SDK Quickstarts

This is a series of quick start videos starring the lovely and talented Dan Fernandez, who walks you through the basics of Kinect development from the very beginning.  Don't miss these!

Coding4Fun's Kinect for Windows SDK Blog

Add a bookmark to this now.  Coding4Fun will be tracking awesome projects using the new SDK here.  Have something to show off?  Tell us!

Kinect Hack-a-thon

In coordination with the Kinect launch, developers were invited out to the Microsoft campus to develop applications in a 24 hour "code-a-thon".  Some health issues prevented me from attending this event, but I'm looking forward to seeing what these people came up with…

We will have more samples and fun projects at Coding4Fun soon, so be sure to check back there (and here) regularly for more Kinect goodness.  Until then, enjoy the new SDK, our new samples, and see what you can build!  I'd love to hear about any projects you create with these tools…

Visual Studio Live! Orlando 2010

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Update: Slides and source for my sessions are posted over on my Events page.  Have a look!  Thanks to everyone that came to my sessions!  Comments and critiques are welcome.

imageI have been selected to speak at the Visual Studio Live! conference in Orlando.  In addition to presenting two sessions at the conference, I’m also coordinating a special event on Tuesday night which we’re calling Devopalozza.  I have created and will host a team Jeopardy! style game-show which will pit three teams of speakers and attendees against each other for fabulous prizes.  I previously created the hardware and software for the Visual Studio Live Redmond conference, which turned into an article on Coding4Fun for those that might want to create a game-show at home or the office.

The two sessions I’m presenting are:

M15 What's New in Visual Studio 2010 Debugging
Date: Monday, November 15, 2010 
Time:  3:00 PM – 4:15 PM
Level: Intermediate

Visual Studio 2010 contains a variety of new debugging features to aid developers in creating bug-free software. In this session, we will explore many of these new features including IntelliTrace (historical debugging), breakpoint enhancements, new tools for debugging multi-threaded and parallel applications, enhancements to DataTips and watch windows, and new tools to better visualize and debug WPF applications and events. With these tools in hand, bugs don't stand a chance!

W13 Multi-touch Madness!
Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Time: 1:45 PM – 3:00 PM
Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Multi-touch technology is popping up everywhere, most recently in Windows 7 and various .NET technologies. Windows 7 has been designed from the ground-up with multi-touch in mind, and the newest versions of WPF and Silverlight are multi-touch capable as well. In this session I will take you through the 4 biggest areas of Microsoft multi-touch technology: Windows 7, WPF 4, Silverlight, and Surface, including the forthcoming Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch. You will learn how to make your applications multi-touch aware and capable using each of these platforms, how to handle gestures and manipulations properly across platforms, and learn where multi-touch is heading in the future with regard to Microsoft development.

  Get more information on the conference at:

Hope to see you all there!

The Coding4Fun Show – Ep 5 with Josh Blake

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The fifth episode of my Coding4Fun Show, is now up on Channel 9.  In this episode of the Coding4Fun Show, I chat with Josh Blake about Natural User Interfaces and Multitouch programming with .NET.  Josh has written a multitouch PowerPoint replacement called NaturalShow, which was demonstrated during his NUI session at MIX10. Watch and learn a bit about how this application was created as well as how you can write multitouch applications with WPF.  And for even more multitouch programming goodness and more on NaturalShow, Josh is currently working on a book titled Multitouch on Windows, which can be purchased and read while he's writing it!

    You should see the video below if you have Silverlight installed, otherwise head over to the episode on Channel 9 to watch and download in a variety of formats for offline viewing.

    The Coding4Fun Show: Natural User Interfaces with Josh Blake

    A big thanks to Josh for the interview!

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