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Posted June 24, 2009 11:02 PM Categories: .NET | XNA | Events | Coding4Fun Book

NET PROGRAMMERS2bcropSmall2 The recordings for the session I gave on XNA Game Studio 3.0 and the XNA Framework to the Facebook .NET Programmers Group have now been posted.  In this session, I give an overview of XNA Game Studio 3.0 and the XNA Framework while building a simple Space Invaders clone named Alien Attack.  This game is gone into even greater detail with more features in chapter 1 of our Coding4Fun book.

You can find a quick, low-res, streaming version below, or you can download and play the recording at a higher resolution in Microsoft Office Live Meeting.  I had a great time presenting the topic and hope to speak to the group again in the future!

Meeting #13 - Coding4Fun: Designing a Video Game using XNA Game Studio 3.0 from Muneeb on Vimeo.

Facebook .NET Programmers Group Session on XNA 3.0

Posted May 29, 2009 1:46 AM Categories: .NET | XNA | Events | Coding4Fun Book

image I will be giving a session on Tuesday, June 2nd at 6pm EST to the Facebook .NET Programmers group on XNA 3.0.  This is an online session and everyone is welcome to attend.

Topic: Building a Video Game with XNA Game Studio 3.0
Abstract: This session will demonstrate how to build a very simple 2D game (a Space Invaders clone) using XNA Game Studio 3.0. Attendees will learn how to effectively use the content pipeline, import 2D sprites into XNA, manage input from the keyboard, mouse, Xbox 360 controller and Zune, manage game state, and debug the resulting game. The sample code will be built on a PC and run on the PC, Xbox 360, and Zune platforms when complete.
Date: June 2nd, 2009
Time: 6PM Eastern | 10PM GMT/UTC - Get local event time in your city: http://tinyurl.com/l9hq65
Add to Outlook: http://tinyurl.com/mpp5of
RSVP and Event Details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=49178981206
Live Meeting Link to join meeting: http://tinyurl.com/ago484

I’ll also be giving away a copy or two of our Coding4Fun book.  Hope to “see” you all there!

Coding4Fun Book Contest Winner!

Posted March 1, 2009 11:28 PM Categories: Site News | Coding4Fun Book

imageIt’s time to announce the winner of my contest to win a copy of our Coding4Fun book!  15 people entered the contest via my forum.  I assigned each of them a 0-based index in the order in which they submitted their entry.  The final list was:

  • leif902 = 0
  • jcauble = 1
  • krakerjak = 2
  • RoryBecker = 3
  • amrkamel = 4
  • anonymous = 5
  • Arrowofdarkness = 6
  • qiuliocc = 7
  • hanan = 8
  • Amira = 9
  • helpware = 10
  • michaelb = 11
  • FunnyX = 12
  • John Bisschop = 13
  • juanformoso = 14
  • bringo = 15

Now, I did say you had to sign up using a valid user account, but the anonymous person linked to their blog which had contact info, so I decided to allow their entry in the mix….

To pick the winner, I wrote up a single line snippet in the ever-popular Snippet Compiler, pressed F5, and the result was…


That’s number 11, which indexes to michaelb and his winning post!  Thanks to everyone that entered for their support and kind words!

Contest: Win a Free Copy of Our Coding4Fun Book!

Posted February 19, 2009 1:02 PM Categories: .NET | Coding4Fun Book

image I’ve decided to setup a simple contest to give away a free copy of our book, Coding4Fun: 10 .NET Programming Projects for Wiimote, YouTube, World of Warcraft, and More.  Entering is simple.  Post a reply to this forum post located at:


And to make it a bit more interesting, here’s a topic for your post:  How have you coded for fun?  Write up a couple sentences on any fun project you’ve tackled at some point in your spare time.  I won’t disqualify you if you don’t, but I’d love to hear about your projects, and I’m sure others would too.

Make sure you are registered on this site with a valid email address and are logged into your account so I have a way to get in touch with you if you are the winner.  No, this isn’t some elaborate scheme to harvest email addresses…

Entries must be received by Saturday, February 28th at 11:59pm EST.  One person will be randomly selected and contacted shortly thereafter and I will send them a copy of the book, free of charge.  That’s it…good luck!

Update: I'm turning off comments for this post to ensure people post in the forum to enter...if you've left a comment, please post in the forum otherwise you won't be counted...thanks!

Brian and Dan on .NET Rocks!

Posted February 5, 2009 8:47 PM Categories: Personal | .NET | Coding4Fun | Wiimote | Coding4Fun Book

image This week, Dan Fernandez and I had the opportunity to be on the .NET Rocks! show with Richard and Carl.  We spent some time chatting about our Coding4Fun book (available at fine booksellers everywhere!) and several extremely interesting projects Richard and Carl have created in the past, including an anthromoporphic remote-controlled car, and a parrot who enjoys extremely right-wing politics.  I think you’ll just need to listen to the show to understand what those are about…

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